Fostering Communication


My name is Erin Legary, and I am 35 yrs old and the mother of two wonderful three year old boys. I have studied at the University of waterloo as a social developmental worker, I’ve also studied at Mohawk College as a vision rehabilitation instructor.  I fell in love with sign language at an early age and took a course at Conestoga college in 2000.  I used sign language daily in my work as a personal support worker with one of my clients.
Today, my sons both have speech delays and I have found using sign language, has increased their comprehension, lessen their frustration as they can communicate with others their feelings, thoughts and needs.
I can’t wait to meet new parents and caregivers to share this wonderful experience with them.  So they can bring it into their home and see the joys that their children will express as they begin to communicate with you.
I want to do group sessions with infants and toddlers and I am setting up courses in the Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge area. I am also available if you would like to get a group together or private sessions.
Please email me at

Can’t wait to meet everyone.